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Newby Foundries is a market leading steel and iron foundry who utilise the latest metal casting techniques to produce quality sand castings.

Our continued investment in steel casting and iron casting allows us to continue expanding our facilities to deliver a range of solutions to clients including airset casting, shell casting and vacuum backed shell casting using the Croning shell moulding process.

We provide expert advice and support throughout, from recommending the most appropriate metal casting process and material through to design specifics. Our engineers use the latest simulation software, backed by years of experience and our work is accredited by ISO quality control systems to guarantee the best result possible. For more information please contact us.

Prototype Casting

Newby RapidCast is the rapid prototyping division of the Newby Foundries Group. Our in-house facilities and connections in the industry allow us to offer a competitively priced, fast service for one-off prototype castings, limited runs, through to full production castings.

Using a variety of rapid prototype casting solutions including 3D sand printing and rapid tooling, we can produce metal casting prototypes in a range of materials. Rapid prototypes enable design concepts to be effectively communicated to clients or manufacturers and validated by engineers.

A well-produced prototype has the power to turn your ideas into a fully developed product - ask our prototype casting engineers about the best solution for your product today.

Lost Wax Casting

Newby Investment Castings produce complex, precision castings from high quality metals such as Inconel and Stellite alloys.

When precision is everything, but budgets do not stretch to costly machining or fabrication, lost wax casting is the perfect solution. At Newby Investment Castings we create complex castings for a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, medical, and weapons sectors.

Our services include advice on design and materials, and our expert engineers can suggest specification changes to your components to eliminate the need for machining, helping to reduce your costs even further.

To find out how you can save money through innovative investment casting techniques, get in touch today.

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